Discover The Power Of Painting On The Walls Of Your House

Renewing the painting is an important decision because it is the key to modify a space. While the most usual is to change only the color of the walls, there are also other ideas that provide style. “With latex, you can make different designs, and beforehand, you should mark the measurements with paper tape,” says Natalia Plasencia, of American Colors.

You can use matte latex and intercalate with a satin or gloss finish and create different effects on the wall, advises Mayte¬† Olivera, Sodimac’s Manos a la Obra advisor.

If you use several colors, first paint with the lightest shade, wait until it dries well, places the tape in the spaces you do not want to paint and then use the most durable color.

Different Spaces

– Murals. Olivera advised to use latex satin base and create the design with paint acrylic because it dries quickly and is easy to clean. In the end, varnish must be applied to the water, to protect and seal the mural.

– Stencil. It consists of painting the wall using a template with the design. It is possible to use any paint applied with sponges, brushes or flat or round brushes.

– Sponge It allows getting textures by applying paint on the dry base using a sponge soaked in latex diluted in water and a lighter shade. You have to give small blows.

Stucco. It is a paste that is colored with dyes and applied with a spatula. When the area is dry, it is polished with a cloth with wax to give shine.

– Watery paint. Two colors are used: one base and one finish. The latter is diluted in water and applied with irregular movements. Before it dries, it is rubbed with a cloth, removing the finishing paint and discovering the base.

The Art Of Decorating With Pictures

In general, in all houses, there is always a painting as a decoration instrument that illustrates a particular theme, from portraits to landscapes. There are families who are fond of works of art; there are others who do not pay as much attention to this. However, the decoration with paintings is a subject that has its science, and it is of vital importance to understand it so that the presentation of the interior of the walls of the home look harmonious and clean. Depending on its size, quality and format, you must decide on the appropriate place to place the painting. It is always helpful to consult with Broomfield painters; he will take into account your taste. On this occasion, the expert in interior decoration Manuel Lovo shares with us his best advice to know where to hang the paintings and how to group them.