To Create Harmony, How Can We Prevent The Walls From Looking Like An Art Gallery?

The painting or art should be selected depending on the area and function of the space where it is placed. It is not necessary to put all the boxes that you have. In design and decoration, less is more. Taking into account the size of the wall it is recommended to leave 1.20 meters free from the floor and leave a line as a guide higher than 2.10 in height, and you have to hang it at eye level. As for distances, there is an almost mathematical law to avoid mistakes: large pieces always require greater distance and smaller ones, an approach for the direct vision of the spectator.

What Are Places In The Home Suitable For Hanging Pictures?

The more conventional tastes are inclined to have still lifes in the dining room, abstract figures in the libraries and landscapes in the room. This last space is the primary environment of the house, the largest and is also a social place. Therefore the most significant works are intended for this area. The rooms and desks accommodate a more eclectic choice, usually dealing with images linked to the private.

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